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End of Summer Festival


If there was one constant in his life 

  it would probably be Ilia, who despite her kidnapping remained unchanged.
  Allowing the youth some comfort on this regard, watching her with growing
  affection & amusement. The outfit & accessories adorned suited her well,
  though knowing the other village kids they’d make it into a mess somehow.

“ maybe, i’m feeling a little tired.. ”

  Despite his words he remained hesitant, it would probably do him some
  good to actually step out & socialize. Instead of secluding himself to only
  the rare company of Epona or when he would gather up the goats. With
  a resign sigh, a brighter smile offered to her. Allowing himself to indulge
  in the activities of the festival. 

ah, ya’know i’ll just go but only for a little—
               wait down there for a bit.

  Opting out of changing his clothes, the simple Ordon outfit which reminded
   him the comforts of home. Leaving his spot, stepping down the ladder till
   he was situated in the living room. Finding his sandals near the door &
   grabbing them to wear. Making sure to be in a rush, not desiring to make
   Ilia wait. Once finished, grabbing the handle of the door & pulling it open.
   The breeze was cool enough to soothe the heat of the dwindling summer,
    which suited the festivities.


    Without a word, glancing at Ilia for a moment before descending down the
    ladder rung. Finally reaching the ground floor. Both at eye level with one
    another once more. when was the last time we were this close again? 
    Not remembering how many days spent locked up indoors. Making note
    of her features, seeing the worry reflected in those familiar green eyes.

hey. ”

She felt her spirits fall as he started with a reason to stay inside. She felt an urge to beg. Whine like a child about how he never came outside anymore. Complain that the villagers missed having him around. That she missed having him around.

But she heard his caving sigh, and his comply, and she brightened right back up, clasping her hands together happily. A quiet yay escaped her lips.

She waited, somewhat impatiently for him to prepare himself. She rocked back and forth on her feet, letting her skirt sway with her. She felt nervous, now. It had been a long time since they were together in a normal setting. He wasn’t appearing just to disappear again to save another unfortunate soul, and rid Hyrule of the disease that had infected it. She wasn’t a memory-less girl, depending on him to help her. Nor was she the guardian of the children in dusty village. (Not that the children actually needed her at that time. By then, they had matured enough to care for themselves.)

No, tonight they were simple kids. Village children, just like the rest. Like they had been so many months ago. It felt like much longer. It felt like it had been forever.

When his feet guided him to stand in front of her, she tilted her head just slightly so she could meet his gaze. She always hated those mere inches that made him taller than her. He also seemed even taller now. He may have not actually gained any height, but she sometimes thought he did. Maybe it because he seemed so far away.

He smiled at his short greeting. She didn’t offer him a verbal response, instead she slipped in an old habit of reaching for his hand. It was something she did when she wanted to drag take him somewhere.

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End of Summer Festival


Stubbornly remaining locked up inside,

   knowing that today was a festive day for those of Ordon seeing that it was
    an annual celebration of a good summer among other things. Usually 
    when the youth had been much young & more naive he’d often go out 
    readily without anyone having to necessarily to pick him up (unless he had
    fallen asleep again) but ever since his adventured had ended a part of him
    lost the naivety & sense of belonging.

    A struggle within himself in which he knew that eventually he would get over.
    But now was not the time for self introspection or pity, for he was sure Ilia
    would come to get him. & as if on cue he heard the soft knock of on his door,
    the sound resonating quietly in the silent room. It was probably a rock, give or


    With a sigh, instead of opening the door instead he went to the window that
    was a floor above the door itself. Peeking out, with a small frown touching 
    his lips though it quickly diminished at the sight of his childhood friend. A
    small smile granted just for her, eyes softening around the edges. Having
    a soft spot for her, after all she was the closest to his age in the village &
    probably knew him well to a degree.

   Opening the window just slightly more, sticking his head out as he propped
   an elbow atop of the ledge & settled his chin atop of his palm. Arching up
   a single brow, there was some mirth glinting from his eyes at the sight of
   her dressed up. As it was expected from the Mayor’s daughter.

look at ya, all dressed up. heh. ”

Ilia looked up at her friend, green eyes focusing up at the figure in the window. She had noticed he had grown distant, his adventure stripping away his youthful innocence and leaving a roughened soldier in place. She honestly missed her old friend, but she couldn’t turn back time (no matter how desperately she wanted to). So, she tried to give him something to smile about every once and awhile, urging him to be a kid sometimes.

It was one of the rare occasions one would catch her in a dress. The light pink fabric came just past her knees, it hanging loosely from her body, but not so loose that it was unattractive or baggy. A little bow accented the top, and the skirt was ruffled. It was sleeveless, as she preferred her summer clothes. It was the best dress she owned, and it cost a pretty penny, too. But, her father had decided to spoil her with it.

Along with the dress, she wore a white bracelet and a matching necklace. Flowers also adorned her hair. While it all seemed like much, it came together nicely, giving her an outfit that let her be girly.

She, herself, was quite excited, for Ordon had missed its last summer festival due to the events of that year. So this year, the festival was more than celebrating summer. It meant a more this time.

She gave him her best smile, hoping it would soften him enough to come outside. “Aren’t you going to come out? They’ve already begun to light the torches. It’ll be dark soon, and then the fun will begin.”

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End of Summer Festival

Summer was ending. The temperatures were cooling; the peak of summer already come and gone, sweltering days and warm nights behind the citizens of Ordon. Soon the greens of the forests would fade, leaving hues of red, orange, brown, and yellow in their wake. Harvesting would be soon upon them, as would the chilly temperatures of autumn. It would be long sleeves and boots for the upcoming months.

So, as it was tradition in Ordon, and many places it was told, the villagers were preparing to celebrate another good summer, and to say farewell to the warm months. They were also setting to say hello to the beginning of the colder part of the year. The town was decorated with hand-crafted lights, from the opening path of the town all the way to the fences of the goat ranch. Lighted torches were also placed to help light up the town. The goats themselves, of course, would penned up for the evening to ensure they’d stay out of trouble.

Colorful decorations adorned each home, some crafted by the adults or passed-down from year to year, and others created by the hands of the next generation. The villagers dressed in their best festive clothes, putting away their casual clothes for the night. The girls tended to carry this out farther than the boys. Not that the boys minded the pretty girls.

As the men set up the wood for the bonfire that was to be lit in the dark hours of night, Ilia had escaped to go fetch her friend to join the festivities. Instead of climbing the ladder and risk messing up her outfit, she picked up a rock and tossed it at the door, letting it thump against the wood of his door. He might be a tad stubborn about coming out, but she was determined not to take no for an answer.

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"Aight, if ye say so." Mags grinned, retracting his hand after a well boding shake. Easily swinging his leg over Dallen’s saddle the young Herald removed himself from his perch, mindful of the close quarters between him and the mayor. The man was surprisingly short, but carried himself with a generally relaxed manner now that the official tone had been wiped mostly away.

"I wouldn’t think you had, to be honest." He said thoughtfully. "We haven’t heard of a land called Hyrule until most recently, either." The offer of rest had him smiling gratefully and Dallen sighing with relief beside him. "Aye, that would be most pleasant. Thenkee, sir! Taken ‘bout a fortnight to get here since leavin’ our borders, we really ‘ppreciate this." He could explain the Gifts later, as much as he hated to be a burden a bit of good old rest was too much to resist!

Aren would have grinned had he been human, but instead tilted his head and flagged his tail once more, fully intent on looking as fabulous and adorable for the nice young lady before him. Had he been human, this could almost have been considered flirting. In fact, he may even have intended that effect! But he wasn’t and left it all in good natured jest, taking pleasure in stunning the young girl with his quite peculiar actions. Little shit.

Mags seemed to take notice to the colt’s actions and chuckled, shaking his head. “Aren, ye aren’t being rude but ye ain’t being much polite either.” The white creature sniffed in response, a conversation no one could hear taking place.


:You’re no fun, you party pooper!:

"If you’re wondering why I’m talking to a horse, it’s cause he ain’t one." Mags explained suddenly, turning stormy eyes to peer into the girl’s surprised green ones. "And whate’er he just did to startle ye so, don’t worry cause ye ain’t goin’ crazy. He’s playing with ye, but- not nasty-like, ye ken?” Ahh the good old Valdemarian speak, it returns! Hopefully the common tongue here is similar enough the word isn’t too foreign… You never knew!

Bo watched the young rider dismount from his horse, and Ilia took a small step back to stand beside her father again. Both thought the foreigner had quite the accent. Bo didn’t seem to have a problem understanding the newcomer, but Ilia had to listen more carefully.

"No problem, son," he said, using the term son loosely, as a more friendly addressing to younger man than anything.  He gestured to the home that was settled at the end of the community part of the village. He turned to guide them down the short walk to the door.

Despite taking the step back, Ilia was still firmly set on the young horse making a show in front of her. She thought he was a confident young one, and that made him interesting, even if he was a bit of a show off. She found it rather cute, in fact. She was still surprised. She watched the interaction between Mags and the colt, and smiled a bit at what seemed to be a close relationship.

The sudden explanation caught her off guard, and she quickly switched focus to the man. She once again had little clue how to respond, which made her somewhat mad at herself for being stunned twice. But who could blame her? Not a horse? What did that mean? They looked very much like horses. To top it off, she hadn’t the slightest idea of what Mags had just implied.

"Uh…"  Very intelligent, Ilia.


Ilia can play the violin, or whatever the Hylian equivalent is of it.

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