Zelda poster inspired by my favourite moment from Twilight Princess


How on earth am I still gaining followers? I’m not even active.





heres a midi of hips dont lie with a banjo as the vocals

i cant believe this

this sounds like it belongs in a legend of zelda game



Last two for the Zelda watercolor tattoo series! Here are the gate of time and the mirror of twilight! I’m sorry if some of the detail is a little hard to make out. I couldn’t get my strokes thin enough in some areas.
So yeah that’s it for now! I may do something similar to this in the future, but I really need to get back to doing portfolio work haha.


Hey, anybody miss me? Probablynot Anyway, I have a kind of important message below, so if it matters any to you… If not, pardon me clogging your dash.

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Some really great artwork of scenes from different Zelda games by おさかな on pixiv! Link and Epona look especially awesome!

the-helmaroc-king1 sent: ((What?? Don't listen to that Anon. I would be crushed if I found out you deleted. *hugs*))

(( mmn, thank you.


I can’t lie and say that deleting hasn’t been on my mind lately, but it’s nice to know you care. ))

Anonymous sent: To be honest, I don't think anyone would be upset if you deleted. You obviously don't have the heart for this blog left anyway.


Thanks for the input.

zeldanoodles sent: Thanks for responding to my free! Message! I'm not all the way through the show...but I really enjoy it and I don't want it to end! So hopefully there is another season and they will update! (Fingers crossed!!) anyways thank you so much for responding! It means a lot!:)


((It’s no problem! From what I’ve heard, there will be a second season, airing sometime in the summer.

You’re welcome! ))



Anyone who watches free! On crunchy roll, I do, (awesome show!!!), well I was wondering what days they update on, so if anyone knows please tell me!:) thanks!

((Free! has actually already finished it’s first season. There are 12 episodes I believe. However, there is a second season in the works I’ve heard. As far as updates, I think it had an episode every Wednesday? I can’t remember. Guess I wasn’t much help there ^_^; but currently I don’t think Crunchyroll is uploading anything from Free! ))