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This was a pleasant and lovely looking place, and a quick scan of both sorts of the area had a pleased smile tugging at the Herald’s lips. What a lovely place to live, with people with nothing but good in their hearts.  Had it been an option, he might have liked to live here.

The snowy trio easily spotted the largest house and headed there, knowing that larger houses usually housed authority. It seemed they were right! The stature and garb of the man declared his rank in a surprisingly pleasant way, his aura kind and far from corruption. If the authority of the area was like this, then it bode well for Aren’s Chosen. They came to a halt in front of the house, the jingling silencing almost immediately after. 

Mags, the Herald placed a hand over his heart and dipped his head in a formal greeting, storm colored eyes flicking between the two before they focused on the adult. 


"Sire, forgive us for intruding. Companion Aren," He gestured to the riderless white horse. "Has gone on Search and it’s led him here to find his Chosen. Has there been any changes in any of your townsfolk? Unusual happenings or strange behavior?" They were looking for someone with a newly activated Gift, or at least with symptoms of it and while they had plenty of time on their hands Aren wanted to find his Chosen now

As the two men talked, a curious Aren stepped a little closer to the girl and dipped his head in greeting, astonishingly blue eyes peering into her own with a friendly light. 


The man nodded in greeting. “I’m Bo, mayor of this village.” He raised his hands, signalling the visitor to slow down. “Hold on, hold on. What’s a Chosen? There have been…many changes and unusual events that have happened that I’m not so open to speak about to strangers. Some I don’t even know how to explain myself, to be honest.” A weary looked shadowed the older man’s face for a few seconds. It soon passed, however, and he returned a focused gaze on the rider. “May I ask your name?”

Ilia heard very little of what the man exchanged. Her attention was totally fixed upon the two gorgeous animals in front of her. It was no secret she had a certain fondness for this particular type of four-legged creature. She smiles softly as the little one acknowledged her. She stepped closer as well. “Aren’t you pretty,” she hummed, “I can tell you’re well taken care of. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a horse with such a pure white coat as yours.” She wanted to reach out and pet him, but held back in hesitation that she would offend Ordon’s visitors.

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  There’s a cheerful sound ringing through the Ordon province, silver bells chiming with each smooth stride of the two astoundingly white horses. They move with more grace than any mortal creature should be blessed with, and the lone rider doesn’t bother with holding the reins.


A look of excitement comes over the smaller Companion, his head lifts and his ears twitch, the plume of a tail rising eagerly, but he maintains a calm and steady pace despite however eager he is to reach his Chosen. He wants to make his first impression as wonderful as possible!

The older Companion just nickered softly, the sound awfully close to human laughter as it rumbles from his chest. They weren’t far now, the narrow path they were traveling granted them the sight of one house, and this meant they were just on the edge of the village.

 They passed by the strange residence quickly and found the entrance to the actual place. Without further ado, they were in! Sweeping and curious glances were cast around the homes and small shops, the Herald riding easily on one ‘horse’ making sure to cast friendly and kind smiles to the villagers as he escorted the Searching Companion around. Really though, he was just there for the colt’s protection.


Ordon was an usually quiet place, hidden well within the forest of the Kingdom of Hyrule. It was a tiny village, with hardly six buildings in all. It hardly qualified to even be a place on a map. However, it still held a little charm to it. Deep green grass covered the ground around that dirt path that led down the middle of the village. A small opening in the base of a rock face gave way to water that expanded into a lazily flowing stream.

A peaceful place it was, but even so, it was very rarely visited by anyone. So when the chimes of bells and clop of hooves reach the ears of the villagers, they can’t help but glace up and at each other with curiosity. It was possible they were expecting some form of royalty, as the Princess of their country was friends with their beloved hero.  But that couldn’t be the case. The aforementioned hero was away visiting that particular princess. Besides, this looked like no royalty they were familiar with.


On the hill farthest from the entrance stood the largest home, and beside that home stood a rather plump looking man with a bald head and what looked like tusks pierced through his face. He held an air of authority over the place, though still holding a kindly disposition. Standing behind him was a small girl, taller than a child, but seemingly too short for an adult. She kept behind the man, weary of strangers, but she eyed the white horses than their human guide with unrestrained curiosity.

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—Fill out with Muse information—


                                       ABOUT THE MUSE.

General Appearance.  -  Fill out.

Name: Ilia
Age: 17
Date of Birth: January 19th
Zodiac: Carpricorn
Gender: Female
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Dirty Blonde
Height: 5’5”
Scars: A few minor ones from falling out of trees and such

Over weight: No.
Under weight: No.


Color: Green
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Song: Epona’s Song?
Movie Genre: N/A
T.V Show: N/A
Food: Pumpkin Soup
Drink: Something Telma makes
Video Game: N/A
Place: Ordon Spring
Animal: Horses
Ice cream flavor: Strawberry.

Have you…

Had sex: Uh, No.
Had sex in public: No!
Gotten pregnant: No!
Kissed a boy: well…
Kissed a girl: No
Gotten tattoos: No.
Gotten piercings: No.
Smoke or drank: She’s drank once or twice.
Had a broken heart: Yes.
Been in love: Yes
Needed surgery: Nope.
Stayed up for more than 24 hours: Once or Twice

Are you…

A virgin: Yes.
A cuddler: Eh…
A kisser: Not really
Scared easily: Depends
Jealous easily: Yes
Trustworthy: Yes.
Dominant: Can be?
Submissive: Can be?
In love: There’s a chance
Single: Yes.
Taken: Not at the moment
Considered mean: What?

Random questions.

Have you harmed yourself: No.
Thought of suicide: Not necessarily
Attempted suicide: No
Killed someone: No.
Wanted to kill someone: Maybe.
Who did you kiss last: No comment
Last text: N/A
Drove a car: A car?
Have/had a job: Yes.
Favourite soda/pop: What’s soda?
Do drugs: No!



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