The bird eyes his friend as she speaks, taking in every word. He was a trained predator, and knew how to spot weakness. That slight hesitation before she spoke, that stutter when she did speak… something was off. Something was definitely wrong. Ilia knew something, and Helm was determined to find out just what she knew.

Still staring at her with his beak mere inches from her, the bird speaks up once more. But this time, when he speaks, his voice was low and dangerous. “How familiar? Have you heard the name before? Do you know the boy the name belongs to? And if you know who he is… where is he?”

Helm’s new tone sends fear straight to her heart. He had warned when they first met that he was capable to hurt her. Her shoulders begin to tremble and she can’t help but focus on the sharpness of Helm’s beak. She recoils a bit, putting her arm up in sign of discomfort.

"I-I do know him," she said, her voice quivering. Helm asked too many questions. Too many in an unfriendly way. She didn’t know if Helm and Link had a history, but it was apparent they did. Helm went from somewhat calm to frightening in a matter of seconds. No one did that without a grudge.

She swallowed thickly. “B-but if you’re asking me these questions in order to hurt him,” her voice grew harder with her words, ” You won’t be getting anything from me.”

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Helm felt no reservations about showing his wound to his friend. After all, he trusted Ilia. She was a close friend who he’d known for a long time. She wouldn’t hurt him. And the thought doesn’t even cross his mind that she could know the hero. After all, she was his friend. She wouldn’t associate with the likes of Link.

…Or, at least he thought she wouldn’t. When she says his name, the bird blinks and turns his head, his beak facing Ilia and eyes observing her. “…Yes, Link.” Now, it could have been a coincidence that she knew the name. She could have just been repeating him, for all he knew. but the way she said it… it sounded like she knew the name. “The name doesn’t sound familiar, does it?”

Ilia hesitated, her mind running close to a panic mode. Helm didn’t sound at all pleased with Link, but if they’d been fighting, Link saw Helm as a threat. Ilia knew the boy had good judgement, and Helm had admitted to her that he wasn’t the kindest of beasts all the time. But Link wouldn’t just attack a monster as big as Helm without reason, right? Or had..had Helm attacked him first?

"Y-yes," she stuttered. She didn’t want to lie to her friend, although something inside had warned her not to tell the truth this time. "It’s…very familiar.”

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when you have an idea for an AU but realize no one would probably RP it with you



The large bird huffs when Ilia asks him if he’d been in another fight. He didn’t want her to worry- but at the same time, he didn’t want to lie. So, after a moment of hesitation, the massive bird turns his head to the side, showing Ilia the deep gash on the side of his head. It was just past his mask- had the hero hit any closer, his sword would have hit the mask instead of the bird’s flesh.

"Unfortunately, yes." The Helmaroc King lowers his head a bit so Ilia could get a better look at the wound. "There’s this boy, you see. he goes by the name of Link." Saying the boy’s name caused the feathers along his spine to rise up in anger. "This was entirely his fault."

Her green eyes examined the wound. It looked to be done by a sharp blade, not by any claws. It was too clean. But what could Helm have been fighting with to-

Her thoughts are halted dead in their tracks.

"Link…?" There was no hiding the shock on the girl’s face. There was confusion there, too. It couldn’t be her Link. But there was only one Link in all of Hyrule that she knew of. No, no. She was being silly. There had to be another Link. The Link she knew only fought….-


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It was interesting to see how the effects one person could have on the bird. When he was flying, anger pricked in his mind like a thorny plant. However, once he landed and saw Ilia, the feeling began to dissipate. A seed of anger was still in his mind, of course. The throbbing gash on the side of his head would not let him forget the day’s events, and as the wind bleep past the injury, the cold air chilled the moist blood on his skin and feathers. Even so, seeing his friend brought a sense of peace to the bird, and he lowers his head in greeting.

"Hello, Ilia. It’s been a while. I hope you don’t mind, but I was wondering if I may sit with you for a while?"

Perhaps by sitting and resting with a friend, he would eventually forget about the little hero and what had transpired between him and the boy. Fluffing out his feathers, the Helmaroc King sits down beside the girl, enjoying her company in the peaceful green field.

"Of course I don’t mind," she said cheerfully, the welcoming smile still on her face. Her smile faded a bit as the wind carried the scent of fresh blood. She frowned in concern. "Did you get in another fight again?"

She was not new to the scent, or sight for that matter, of injury. She picked up on signs of physical pain quite quickly. However, she wasn’t so keen on mental wounds, so Helm’s muted anger went right over her head.

She was already leaning back, trying to spot any hurt on her friend.

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I decided to finish and color this late night sketchy of Ganondorf with a Rapunzel braid. But you can’t have a Rapunzel braid without kids making it for u so


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Tim Tharp, The Spectacular Now


Flying high above, the Helmaroc King’s mood was far from content. While the girl far below him gazed upwards, her thoughts tranquil, the bird’s mind was cluttered and angry.

He’d been so close. That boy he’d been searching for- Link. He’d almost managed to kill the child. But the boy had managed to escape from the massive avian, and had left a deep gash on the side of the bird’s face, right next to his mask. 

With the wound throbbing on the side of his head, and with dark thoughts circulating in his mind, the bird was ready to kill something. He turns his gaze downwards-

Only to see a friend.

His dark thoughts pause for a moment as he spots Ilia far below. Helm wonders if she would mind some company… because, even though the desire to kill something was still in the back of his mind, he knew it was probably smarter to sit with a friend and just enjoy her company.

Angling his wings, the bird starts to descend, heading towards the field of bright green grass and the girl that lay in the center.

Her gaze being set upwards, Ilia spotted Helm in the clear skies rather easily. She wondered if he’d spot her from so far above, but she was quickly answered as he started to get closer to her place on the ground.

She sat up, wrapping her arms around her knees and waited for him to land. She would, in fact, enjoy some company. She’d been awfully lonely lately. She really only had one close friend, but he was busy now. They’d been gone for a number of days, as they usually were, leaving the girl to mull in her quiet town alone.

When he had landed beside her, she gave him a warm smile.

"Hi, Helm."

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I need to stop
being in love
with the ideas of
what could have been.

We could have
slowly inched closer
and held each other
a little tighter.
We could have
laughed a little harder
and fallen in love
some more.

There are so many things
that could have happened,
but did not.
We almost were.
We almost were.
And we almost happened,
cupid almost won.
But he didn’t.
And we didn’t,

We could have
lasted too,
oh darling,
I’m sure we could have.
We were almost there.

A Story A Day #236 by M.D.L

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One could only imagine what a young girl could be thinking, laying out in the green grass of a field, eye settled on the clouds.

It could be number of things. She could be thinking about her day, her family maybe. Maybe what she hoped the future would bring. Maybe it was a cluster of thoughts, maybe it was just one. Perhaps, those thoughts were settled on one thing in particular. Or one person.

Whatever was consuming her mind at this moment must’ve carried decent memories, for there was the trace of a smile on her face.

/angrily kicks a bucket.

She’s in a bad mood. Unfortunately, Ordon has few people to offer to take it out on, therefore, the bucket gets it.

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"I’m your daughter." Blue answered.

Ilia’s voice caught in her throat, and for a moment, no response would come forth. When one finally did come forward, it was nothing more than a strained whisper.

"You’re…my what?"

"You heard me!" Blue replied with a pout. The young girl crossed her arms in front of her. Obviously she was upset that her mother didn’t seem to recognize her. "I’m your daughter! Or am I really that forgettable!?"

"Ah," she flinched just a bit at the outburst. She raised her hands, palms out in a placating gesture. She smiled sheepishly. "No, no. You’re not forgettable at all," she said, trying to calm the child’s hurt.

She didn’t remember having a kid. People remembered things like that, right?

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17. A fact about my life18. Phobia

17. I’m a military kid.

18. I am absolutely terrified of waters. The ocean, lakes, rivers, ponds… I’m okay with pools. But like, water scares me so much, my stomach turns and my heart starts racing just seeing it on the T.V. or computer. I have a hard time sitting through ocean documentaries, and I hate that because I really do like learning about it.